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Caviness & Cates Communities

Our Roots

Founded in 1999, we have grown from building a few
homes a year to being listed as one of the nation’s “Top 100” Builders. Our success has been achieved by building a team of employees that understand customer service and trade partners that value a quality product.

Our Foundation

Our customer is our foundation. A home is one of the larger purchases made in life. Tied to this investment is more than a dollar gure; there are opinions, beliefs, emotions... A sense that we as the builders, will treat their home as a priority, and that the voices of our customers will be heard and respected. Our business depends on our customer’s happiness and our foundation is based on that guarantee.

Top 100 U.S. Builders

We have had the good fortune to be recognized for the 6th consecutive year by Builder Magazine as one of the “Top 100” Builders in the nation. Although this list has been an industry staple for the past 29 years, what it symbolizes to us is the strength and stability of our company. We aren’t going anywhere… We intend to be here to build and continue to support our current homeowners in to the future and beyond!

Mungo Homes

Quality, Stability, Intergrity

Founded on the principles of quality, stability and integrity, the Mungo family has been building new homes and communities since 1954. With that philosophy, Mungo Homes satisfies a variety of tastes and lifetyles by building high-quality, thoughtfully-designed homes at affordable prices.

A Family-Owned Homebuilder

Based in South Carolina, we are on of the nation's largest family-owned homebuilders, and to date, moer than 16,000 homes carry the Mungo legacy. Mungo builds in markets throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, and in 2014, we were names the 37th largest builder in the country.

Names America's Best Builder in 2012

The Mungo family of companies has received dozens of awards-both locally and nationally- for quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. Mungo homes received both the 2008 National Housing Quality Award and the 2012 National Green Advocate of the Year for our innovative hauSmart program. Builder magazine named Mungo Homes America's Best Builder 2012 for overall achievement and excellence in new home construction.

Imagine Homes

A Heart For Homes

We love building homes. It's something we started a few years back. After building all kinds of homes at all kinds of prices, we've decided to do something new - make it realy easy for you to buy a new home a the right price for your budget. We understand how intimidating the transition from renting to owning can be. That's why we take the worry and complication out of the home buying process by offering great floor plans at your proces. Soun like a perfect combination? We think so too!

Not Your Average Homebuilder

Almost every homebuilder says they love crafting really amazing homes that fulfill the dreams of a buyer. We like that too, BUT, we take it a step furthr. What really gets us excited is making it EASY. We've heard so many buyers complain about how hard it is to navigate processes and choices - there are SO many. That's why our homes are a combination of great floor plans with an easy-to-navigate purchase process from people who undersand the importance of this to you and your family. It's just that simple.

What This Means For You

With years of experience in the home building industry, this means we have the buying power to offer extras you won't find with our competitors. We understand what makes a house a home - it's the little things that make living jsut a bt easier. We believe that you shouldn't have to shell out extra cash to have the home of your dreams. Simple, stress-free, and affordable are not always word that relate to the home buying process. We are here to change that. So, are you ready to say "I'm in?"

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