DIY Social Distancing-Friendly Home Improvement Projects


In the time of social distancing and stay-at-home orders, we’re all probably spending a lot more time, well, at home. If you’re looking for ways to stay busy, you might consider spending some of that extra time not just at your home, but on your home. Now is the perfect opportunity to focus on home improvement projects, especially if there’s any chance you might want to sell in the future.

Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Weekend

home improvement projects for the weekend

We typically associate “home improvement” with big, costly tasks, major renovations, or at least some kind of project involving a lot of tools and materials… which can be tough when you’re stuck at home! But that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some DIY home tasks you can tackle this weekend, without leaving the house.

(Reminder: Though home supply stores ARE considered “essential businesses”, we just want to remind you that they’re for emergencies, not casual home projects).

Decluttering & organizing

decluttering and organizing a closet

If you’ve ever wanted to Marie Kondo your closet or had an itch to tackle the junk in the attic, now’s the time. Decluttering won’t just make your home look better, it’ll make your storage more usable, give your rooms more space, and even help you more easily find (and use) the things you actually need.

Deep cleaning

cleaning your home

A good deep cleaning is probably no one’s favorite project or weekend activity, but it can definitely make your home look, smell, and even feel better. Plus, nowadays, you can’t be too clean!

Yard cleanup

raking the yard

Now that the weather’s getting nice (and before it gets too hot), it’s the perfect time to get outside and do a little yard cleanup. Fallen branches or sticks? Extra leaves left over from fall? Misplaced rocks, garden pavers, pots, or other miscellaneous outdoor items? Old stumps? Get out your gloves, your trashcan, and your shovel and start working on that yard cleanup.


mowing the lawn

Once you’ve gotten your yard looking a little more organized, you might as well keep going. Mowing the lawn is an obvious first step, and weeding is another fairly simple yet powerful project, but there are a lot of other easy improvements you can make, too.

Creating simple stone or rock outlines around garden beds or trees can add some clean lines to your yard. Planting more flowers or bushes in existing beds (or creating new ones) can definitely add some color and life to your yard—and it’s easy enough to order seeds and plants online for delivery.

Want to Know More About Social Distancing & Real Estate?

Home improvement projects are terrific for just about every homeowner, but they’re especially beneficial to sellers or potential sellers. If you’re thinking of selling in the Triangle, but wondering how our current situation might have affected your goals, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

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