Community Involvement

HTR was able to give over $50,000 of donations back to the community throughout 2021. HTR gives to a variety of causes such as youth athletics, local schools, civic organizations, churches, non-profits, and community events.

HTR is a huge believer in giving back to our community through volunteering and supporting local non—profit organizations and charity events. Our HTR Agents for Animal Welfare play a large role in supporting & saving the animals in our community through their ongoing contributions. We have over 80 agents that give a portion of each commission check to the mission of improving animal welfare in the area. The group was started in 2015 and has grown tremendously. Their first year, they were able to donate $5,120. Their yearly donations have continued to climb each year. In 2021, donations totaled $40,566 and since they began in 2015, they’ve donated $185,828 to help save animals!