Take the Hassle Out of Moving to the Triangle

Moving, whether it’s five minutes away or five hours away, is no walk in the park for anyone. There is a lot to consider when planning where you will spend the next chapter of your life. Luckily, we are here to help make moving into your dream home be as easy as turning the key!

Wondering what a move to the Triangle could look like? These tips can aid you in staying organized, and sane, during this transition. Feel free to reach out for any questions you may have about moving to the Triangle! 

Found Your Dream Home?

Have you found the perfect place to call your own? Your home could sell quickly, and it is important to be prepared! Go ahead and get started on packing up your home now. Getting started early can make all the difference while you are moving.

Reorganize & Declutter

Looking for a fresh start for your new place? Think about what you want to take into the new place and what may have seen its final days in your home. Go through each of your rooms and determine what you would like to keep and what you might be ready to donate. Staying organized can make a huge difference on moving day. Reorganize your items into “keep,” “store,” and “throw away” piles to make them easy to pack in boxes. For items you no longer wish to keep, you could hold a garage sale for extra cash, or donate anything gently used to your favorite local charity. The Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity are always looking for items to help others.

Make a Plan

Do you know how you are planning on moving your furniture into your new home? You may need to rent a truck or look into hiring a professional moving company. If you are moving during what is considered “peak season” for moving, you might want to reach out early to the moving company you would like to work with. Many companies are booked weeks in advance, so it can be beneficial to contact a few for estimates a few weeks before you plan on moving. You may also want to consider renting out a storage unit truck, or purchasing moving supplies, such as boxes, tape, and a marker to label the boxes with! If you are moving farther away, consider looking into a hotel room for the night that you move in. Things may be delayed (traffic, company took longer to load up the truck than anticipated), and after a long day of traveling and moving, you are going to want to sleep in a bed!

Update Your Address

Another good thing to consider when moving somewhere new is that the post office may take a few weeks to update your new residence. Now is a great time to notify utilities, your job, doctor's offices and any other place you are billed notice of your upcoming move.

Helpful Packing Tips

  • Reinforce: Make sure to utilize boxes that are sturdy and reinforced.
  • Innovate: Now is the time to get creative with your packing! Instead of having to buy a ton of moving boxes, use items you already have in your home. Some great options include unused luggage or suitcases. Instead of bubble wrap, try using linens, towels, and other soft items.
  • Pack small: Instead of loading down boxes with tons of heavier items, pack heavier items in smaller boxes so they're easier to carry.
  • Check it off: Keep a checklist! As you organize and pack up each room, make a list of which important items you have packed up in that room. This way when you unpack you will know where each item should be.
  • Prepare for the first night: The first night in your new home can be so exciting. To combat overwhelm, make an “Open First” box. In that box be sure to include essentials you will need to get through the next few days of the move. Items could include toiletries, cleaning supplies, tools, a first-aid kit, toilet paper, and anything else you might need on moving day. This box shouldn't go on the truck; make sure you stick it in a car for quick access!
  • Label: To stay organized and ensure you aren’t currently moving boxes to other rooms, label all of your boxes by room so you'll know where they go in your new home.

On Moving Day

An exciting day in the new chapter of your life has finally arrived! Make sure to follow these tips for a smooth moving day.

Keep Important Information Close

It is imperative to keep important items close to you and not put them on the moving truck. Things such as medication, financial and medical records, IDs, and valuables should be kept in a safe place close to you so they do not get lost in the chaos of moving day.

Pack an Overnight Bag

There are times when moving trucks may be delayed. It is a good idea to have a bag for your first night in your new home or at a hotel, in case this happens to you on your moving day. An overnight bag with all of your essentials, such as a phone charger, toiletries, medications, and a change of clothes will help provide some normalcy on your first night.

Have Numbers Readily Available

Moving day can have a lot of moving pieces, literally, so it is important to have quick access to the phone numbers of people you may need to get in contact with. It’s a good idea to have the numbers of your new utility companies, or the moving company in case something happens on moving day!

After You Move

You did it! You are in your new place and now the real fun can begin. But where to start so you can start enjoying your new space?

Deep-Clean Your New Home

To have a fresh start in your new home it’s a good idea to do a thorough cleaning before all of your furniture and items have been moved in. If the idea of giving your home a deep cleaning prior to unloading is stressful, it may be worth it to invest in a professional cleaning company. Take one thing off of your to-do list!

Work Room by Room

Weary of all the boxes that you have already packed that are now ready to be unpacked? Work room by room, starting with essential areas that you will need to use first. The kitchen, bedroom and bathroom may be a good idea if you are still not sure where to start. If you work at it room by room, it will surely make the task go by quicker!

Enjoy All of Your Hard Work!

Moving is a huge adventure to go through. Now that you have finished unpacking your home and putting the final touches to make your new place feel like home, be sure to take time for yourself. Now is the time to relax in your new house and explore all that the Triangle has to offer!

Let's Get Started!

Ready for your move to the Triangle area? Reach out to our team today to get started on the new move and any real estate questions you may have! We look forward to welcoming you to this wonderful area!