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Thinking of relocating to the Raleigh area? Learn more about Wake County Public Schools, the largest school district in North Carolina and one of the Triangle's top-performing public school districts.






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Not only is Wake County Public School System the largest school district in the state of North Carolina, it's also one of its top performing, too. Because the district is so large, it has the budget and the resources to offer a tremendous variety of programs, including sports and extracurriculars, specialized academics, ESL and special education, financial assistance programs, and more. The district serves over 160,000 students with 10,400 teachers, 38.5% of which hold advanced degrees and 1,483 of which are National Board-certified.

If you're relocating to the Raleigh area with kids, it's important to do some research on the public school options available. WCPSS offers a huge variety of programs, courses, and activities, so there's certainly something to meet every student's unique needs and learning styles. Take some time to explore WCPSS.

Wake County Public Schools at a Glance











Specialized Schools

Magnet Schools

WCPSS offers a diverse range of "magnet" schools, in other words, schools with learning tracks in specific academic programs or fields. These schools are offered at every age level, elementary through high school.

Some of the magnet specializations offered through WCPSS include Medical Sciences and Global Health, Engineering, Global Studies, Design and Computer Science, International Baccalaureate, Language Immersion, Early College, Digital Sciences, and Gifted and Talented.

Career Academies

The "career academy" is a smaller learning community focused on a specific career theme. Students also participate in work-based learning activities such as job shadowing, career fairs, industry tours, and internships.

Career programs offered include Information Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing, Health Science, Hospitality, Culinary Arts, Medical Bioscience, Graphics and Advertising, Fire Safety, Engironmental Studies, Digital Media, Finacne, Cyber Security, and Construction and Design.

Alternative Schools

For students who don't perform well in a traditional learning setting, WCPSS has several options for alternative education, from elementary through high school. These include The Bridges Program, Longview School, Mary E. Phillips High School, Mt. Vernon School, and River Oaks Middle.

STEM Schools

STEM programs apply engineering design skills across a variety of projects and bring learning into real-world relevancy. Students participate in activities such as internships, job shadowing, mentorships, and more.

WCPSS partners with several local businesses to provide students with real-world experience. These include Wake County Community College, Wake Education Partnership, Time Warner Cable, The Engineering Place @ NCSU, SAS, North Carolina State University, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, LORD Corp, Lenovo, Lego, Cisco, Biogen, and more.

Academic Programs

Career & Technical Education

Students are prepared for life after high school with direct hands-on learning experience that encourages responsible career choices and advanced education. Students pursue courses in business and information technologies, life skills, technology systems, family and consumer sciences, agrigulture, marketing, technology, and more.

Academic or Intellecually Gifted

Designed to challenge students to their fullest abilities, thereby allowing them to reach their highest potential, AIG programs are designed for students who perform at high levels of accomplishment compared to other students of their age. Staff of this program have spent many years researching gifted practices and revising the AIG program to best meet the needs of students.

World Languages

WCPSS recognizes the importance of opening students' eyes to the world around them, especially in a city as ethnically diverse as Raleigh. World Language classes seek to enhance the learning of students by introducing them to foreign languages at a young age and contining learning through high school. Most schools offer Spanish, French, and a third language such as German. Some magnet schools offer Chinese, Italian, Japanese, or Russian.

Sports & Extracurriculars

In addition to a huge array of academic progamming options, WCPSS also offers a wide variety of sports, clubs, interest groups, and other after school activities. Programs offered vary by age group and specific school.

Fall Sports

Soccer (boys)
Cross Country
Tennis (girls)

Winter Sports

Indoor Track

Spring Sports

Soccer (girls)
Tennis (boys)

Year-Round Schools

One somewhat unique feature of WCPSS is its year-round schooling option. Like traditional schools, year-round schools provide 180 days of learning per calendar year. Unlike traditional schools, however, year-round schools are divided into four 9-week quarters with a 3-week break between each quarter. In other words, students attend school for 45 days, then take a break for 15 days, thus omitting the long summer break and supporting year-round learning.

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